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Follow this step by step tutorial to create a cool vector ribbon style pencil graphic in Illustrator.


We’ll create the vector pencil graphic in Illustrator, then use Photoshop to apply some subtle textures.


Start by creating a new document in Illustrator.

Use the Rectangle Tool (M) and click once. In the rectangle options, set the width to 100px and height to 75px.


Drag the rectangle towards the left side. With it selected, copy (CMD+C) and paste in the back (CMD+B).

Then while holding Shift, move the copy over to the right 12 spaces (120px).


Using the Direct Selection Tool (A), select the top two points of the copy and move them back to the left 12 while holding Shift (120px).

Feel free to change the object colors so you can see the fold effect.


Select both objects, copy (CMD+C), paste in the front (CMD+F), and then move right 12 while holding Shift (120px).

Repeat this step two additional times.


Now change each object’s color accordingly or as you’d like.

  • Eraser: #FF7BAC
  • Eraser Back: #D3A3B7
  • Pencil: #FCEE21
  • pencil Back: #D3CFA5
  • Graphite: #303030

Now you should have a completed vector ribbon pencil graphic!

If you’d like to add some texture to the graphic – group (CMD+G) and copy everything, then paste it into a new Photoshop document.


In Photoshop, I made a light cream background (#FBFAED) and added a subtle pattern texture.

I create a new Layer Mask on the vector smart object and use a subtle grunge brush.

To make the texture pop a little more I added a subtle outer glow layer style to the vector smart object.


I encourage you to experiment.

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