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A Quick Note: Yes, there’s a spelling error in my initial sketch, but I fix it as soon as I notice (around 2:30). It’s fun to see how I was able to design on the fly and fix this type of mistake. Showing your mistakes and iterating in public is important and can be fun to witness. In situations like this, it’s a great learning opportunity for everyone involved.

With all of the client work and content I create for my freelance blog, Your Freelance Career, my design output has lacked. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to bring focus back to my design work, so every week I now dedicate time to practice my design skills.

When I consume content, I always take notes. Specifically, I’ll jot down phrases that stick. I have a Field Notes book full of phrases like this, so once a week I’m going to continue dedicating time to practice.

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This phrase in particular was one I jotted down from:

Fight To Stay Excited by Brandon Rike

In his post, Brandon touches on the idea of “When I grow up, I want to be ______!” And that this excitement for what you loved to do as a kid eventually dies. The further we get from the kid in us, the more we have to fight to stay excited. This was certainly a message that resonated with me, so I highly recommend you give his post a read as well. It’s powerful and very well-written.

Fight To Stay Excited Hand Lettered Piece by Brent Galloway

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