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Contrastly is an online magazine about photography, technology, visual arts, photography techniques, and the myriad of other topics that fall in between.

Contrastly’s founder, Jon, reached out to me in need of a fresh logo for their new site redesign. The primary goal of the new logo was it needed to stand out in a unique way, while the emblem should also be able to stand alone without the site’s name.

Taking the established goal, I iterated through many different concepts. I really wanted to stay away from anything cliche, like a lens or camera body, so I played off of the word “contrast”—Thinking about negative space and how I could relate that back to photography.

Brent has been a joy to work with. Communication, as well as the iteration process throughout the whole project has been great. Brent was fast, accurate, and the results are in line with what I had envisioned for my new logo – all the points we discussed before starting the project were taken into account and I could not be happier!

Jon Phillips

Founder & Creator, Contrastly Photography Magazine

I started out on paper to find the right direction, then jumped onto my computer to flesh things out. The first iteration was based around scalable textures. (Preview to the right.) That ended up not balancing well and didn’t feel right for the bold, recognizable logo Constrastly was looking for.

I then went in a more bold direction with the concepts. Here’s a breakdown of the iterations:

  1. The first use of contrasting shapes was a great starting point, but too messy.
  2. I simplified the look, but still wasn’t quite there.
  3. Close, but this is the actual icon for “contrast”, so I didn’t want to make it that simple.

Then it hit me…

I looked over at my Nikon D5100 and noticed the dial for the settings. There’s this little section of modes outlined, and it was surprisingly similar to the direction I was going, so I went with it!

The final outcome of the logo is a simplistic representation of the camera dial. The “C” represents the automatic modes, and the other is the manual modes. It’s also a perfect representation of contrast. At first it’s so simple, but it hits all of the marks: it’s bold (making it memorable), it reflects actual functionality on most cameras, and it represents contrast perfectly.

The text is a clean geometric sans-serif that I carefully chose and tweaked to compliment the emblem logo.

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