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Esmeralda Portillo Logo Design

Esmeralda is a freelance editor, game journalist, and online personality harboring a deep passion for the geek culture. She loves to talk about all things video games, anime, manga, movies, and television dramas.

For her personal identity logo, Esmeralda desired a clean script of her name. Something simple and professional with a bit of subtlety that hinted in her area of work (tech/entertainment).

When designing Esmeralda’s logo, I wanted to create something light and easy to read, but still make it fun. In addition, I delivered a monogram showcasing the elegance of her initial “E”.

Brent was such a delight to work with! He attends to your requests with care and understanding, a skill largely needed in the design world.

Esmeralda Portillo

Freelance since 2011Proudly working in OhioProudly working in Ohio