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Twin Roots, Inc. is a consulting and software development company solely owned and operated by Joel Marcey. When Joel reached out to me, he was looking for a fresh, new logo that integrated his story – all while still targeting the technology and software market. It was important his new logo also fit well on his current website, and that it was versatile to work with.

Looking at Joel’s previous logo and reading over his story, I knew I wanted the concept to be around his twin boys (the “root” to the start of his business). I iterated through many concepts that played on the idea of convergence—Having two similar objects being rooted together.

Keeping his technical target market in mind and looking at what would work well for his current website, I knew immediately that a sans-serif font would be best. The resulting sans-serif is readable, versatile, and shares the same weight in thickness that the emblem does – making it a perfect pairing.

Versatility was important, so the emblem can also act as a mark all by itself. However, for scalability, I also designed a unique miniature mark. A great example of this in use would be the favicon for his website.

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