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T-Shirt design that helps your brand stay creatively relevant.

Your message is powerful and the owner of your t-shirt becomes a part of your brand. What do you want your audience to feel, represent, and say?

I’m Brent Galloway, a freelance graphic designer in Ohio. Let me help you communicate the right message with your next t-shirt project.

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Recent Blog Articles

2015 End of the Year Review

I ended my 2014 End of the Year Review with plans on making 2015 the year of refocusing. And that’s exactly what I did. 2015 was the year of personal growth for me. Financially there wasn’t too much growth, but I made some major changes in my freelance business which...

Taking My Personal Brand To The Next Level

A personal brand is forever evolving. When I started freelancing nearly five years ago, I just wanted to make a living as a graphic designer. I never considered what my personal brand was going to be, and this is ultimately what’s held me back from growing...

What I Learned From Spending $1k on Photographing Blank T-Shirts

I’ve been really diving into the market of designing t-shirts for the music industry and apparel brands over the past couple of years. Out of all the t-shirts I’ve been designing, there’s one common thing in each project – the t-shirt mockup. I’ve been using several...