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T-Shirt design that helps your brand stay creatively relevant.

Your message is powerful and the owner of your t-shirt becomes a part of your brand. What do you want your audience to feel, represent, and say?

I’m Brent Galloway, a freelance graphic designer in Ohio. Let me help you communicate the right message with your next t-shirt project.

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Many designers out there are struggling hard on getting noticed – not knowing how to stand out, especially online in such a saturated market! How do you get clients to come to you instead of you having to chase after them? I’m going to cut straight to it: standing out...

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If you’re a graphic designer, I guarantee you’re going to have the opportunity to design a t-shirt. So, what makes a great design that people will actually want to wear? You could simply slap a company logo onto a t-shirt, but I want you to dig deeper. I want you to...

How I Designed My Own T-Shirt Mockups From Scratch

As a freelance graphic designer specializing in t-shirt design, mockups are an essential asset to my business and play a key role in my design process. My t-shirt mockups serve as a way to professionally deliver my design work to the client, and a way I realistically...