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My Logo & T-Shirt Design Process

If your focus is on having someone with experience who’s dedicated towards crafting something that will be effective for your needs, and that is something you’re willing to invest in, then we’ll work wonderfully together!

01 / Exploration

I start every project with a questionnaire, which allows me to gain an understanding of your project and begins the process of establishing goals. I take each inquiry into careful consideration: How passionate you are about the project? Do you have an understanding of your own goals? Do you show an interest in working with me specifically?

This review is important because it sets the tone for our professional relationship moving forward and gives me a good understanding of who you are.

Following the questionnaire and before I start any design work, I’ll get your approval on the project and its cost via a simple design agreement and 50% down payment.

02 / Creation

Taking the information gathered in the previous step, I set to work on understanding how to approach your needs. This involves familiarizing myself with your goals and taking a deeper look into your target audience as well as any competitors.

I’ll do internal discovery and concepting where ideas are explored and a better understanding of the subject matter is established. Once the sketching is complete, I’ll take the final concepts and translate those to digital format.

As for revisions, adjustments that need to be made will happen when finalizing the approved concept.

03 / Delivery & Follow-up

Once the final invoice has been paid, final artwork and files are emailed to you directly.

After you’ve received the project files, I’ll answer any questions you may have about putting them to use. We can also discuss any further deliverables or other web and print imagery you might need.

I also like to get project feedback from you – to see how things went and so I can continue to improve my process. I then may use your testimonial to build a project case study – bragging about how awesome we were working together!

Fill out my Project Request Form to get a free quote!

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you design my business logo or band t-shirt?

Yes! Logos and t-shirts are my specialty. Please scroll down, fill out the contact form or use my quote form, and we’ll talk. I do prefer email instead of phone calls. It’s quicker, and more efficient, and it’s nice to keep a written record of our back-and-forth.

How much do you charge?

My pricing varies quite a bit depending on the amount of work involved per project. I don’t charge hourly, instead I charge based on the project requirements and overall value. If you’d like a free quote for your project, fill out my Project Request Form.

Did you go to school for graphic design?

Formally, I have a technical diploma and associates degree in digital design and business. However, majority of my design skills are self-taught through years of practice and experience.

Do I receive full rights to the artwork?

For both logo and t-shirt design projects, all rights are included in the full price unless discussed otherwise. Once the project has been paid in full, the files are yours to do with as you please.

Can you design and code my website?

Unfortunately website design is no longer something I specialize in, so I don’t accept those projects. Logo and t-shirt designs are what I do best.

How long does a project take you to design?

The timeline for most logo designs can vary between two to four weeks depending on the amount of work involved.

Most t-shirt designs I can have designed and turnaround in 1–3 business days, but can take longer if required.

Have an additional question?

I’m here to help any way I can. If you’re ready to start your t-shirt project, get in touch below!

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