How I Became a Freelance Graphic Designer

You might be wondering, “How do I get there? How can I start my own freelance business and work from home – doing what I love?”

There were many risks and opportunities I took that have led to where I am today in my freelance career, and that’s what I’d like to share with you — How I became a freelance graphic designer. [Read more…]

How I Design Band Merch That People Actually Want to Buy

How I Design Band Merch
Everyone loves seeing their favorite band live—feeling the music pound through giant speakers, singing beloved lyrics with hundreds of strangers, picking out the perfect band t-shirt to commemorate the show.

Music has the power to unite us.

When it comes to designing merchandise for bands, it’s my job to help bridge the gap between the music and the audience. With five years in the design industry under my belt, I’ve learned to strike a delicate balance between the needs of the band and their fan base’s desires.

I work with bands to find the best creative direction for their merchandise. To make this happen, I’ve developed a streamlined process that allows me to work effectively, which in turn will get your merch to fly off the table at your next show.

So you want your fans to have awesome t-shirts to wear? But where do you start? Finding the right designer for your merchandise can be a headache. Every designer is different, which makes the design process like a box of chocolates. So even if you do find a designer whose work you love, you never know what to expect.

Below I will show you the 4-step design process I use to create graphic tees from scratch. This process will leave a positive, lasting impression on your fans and transform your band merch into something they want to get their hands on. [Read more…]

Fight To Stay Excited – Lettering Process

A Quick Note: Yes, there’s a spelling error in my initial sketch, but I fix it as soon as I notice (around 2:30). It’s fun to see how I was able to design on the fly and fix this type of mistake. Showing your mistakes and iterating in public is important and can be fun to witness. In situations like this, it’s a great learning opportunity for everyone involved.

With all of the client work and content I create for my freelance blog, Your Freelance Career, my design output has lacked. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to bring focus back to my design work, so every week I now dedicate time to practice my design skills. [Read more…]

Twin Roots, Inc. – New Logo Design

Twin Roots, Inc. Custom Logo Design

New custom logo design for Twin Roots, Inc. has been added to my portfolio!

The logo I did for Twin Roots, Inc. was one I really enjoyed taking the time to design. The client, Joel, came to me wanting a fresh logo for his business that incorporates his story. In early 2006, Joel’s life changed when he and his spouse had twin baby boys. To give himself the flexibility to maintain an appropriate life with his kids, he left the corporate world to start his new business. This was the “root” of why he started his business.

Read The Full Logo Case Study In My Portfolio!

20 Vector Subtle Grunge Textures

20 Subtle Textures

Ever need to give that little added touch to help breathe life into your cold, hard digital artwork? Look no more—I have just the resource for you!

These are the same textures I use daily on my own design work. I’ll apply a subtle texture to a new t-shirt I’m designing to give it that distressed look, or I’ll give a bit of a handmade look to a new logo. Whatever your needs are, these textures are easy to use and versatile.

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Texture Example
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Golden Handcuffs T-Shirt

Golden Handcuffs
Breaking free of your golden handcuffs can be one of the scariest decisions of your life. I know, because I left a secure paying job directly out of college to pursue my freelance career full-time. It was because of that leap I was forced to show up every day – to make a living for myself rather than depend on the benefits given by someone else.

I continue to learn and grow in the direction I desire everyday, and it’s all thanks to that initial risk I took to break free of my golden handcuffs. [Read more…]