Freelance Downtime, My Client Process, Bidding Sites & More – Q&A #3

In this Q&A video I answer your questions on what I do with my downtime to stay busy, my work process on a typical client project, avoiding freelance bidding sites, and more.

Poseidon Media – Logo Case Study

Poseidon Media Case Study
Poseidon Media is an entertainment company which currently creates comic books. Their specialty is storytelling within the fantasy genre, and they have great aspirations for the future. [Read more...]

Collabs, Freelance Websites & Cold-Calling – Q&A #2

In this Q&A video I answer your questions on collaborating, having a freelance website, and my thoughts on cold-calling/marketing.

Starting Over & Freelance Pricing – Q&A #1

In the first Q&A video I answer your questions on what I’d do differently if I could start over in my freelancing, and how I like to price client projects.

I bought a house & other updates about my freelance business

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve written here on my personal blog. Much has happened in the past few months; I launched my new business blog and ebook guide on freelancing, landed the largest client of my freelance career along side some other great projects, and bought a house! As you could imagine I’ve been quite busy. With all of the big updates and changes in my life, I felt inclined to document and share this new chapter in my life. [Read more...]

My book, Start Your Freelance Career is live!


I’ve been working for months on putting everything I know about running a freelance business into an easy to read, transparent book and I’m excited to say that today it’s available for purchase! My new book, Start Your Freelance Career is a transparent guide to starting and growing your own freelance business. [Read more...]