#AskBrentG / 5: The One Thing Freelancers Don’t Often Talk About

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Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

I think it’s safe to say we can all afford to care less. At least for me personally, I look up to some amazing content creators who put out top-notch quality content, and from the outside looking in, it looks like what they deliver is at 100% every single time. That’s daunting for someone like me, and for someone that’s a bit of a perfectionist with their work. [Read more…]

Contrastly – New Logo Design

Contrastly Logo Design

The all new logo design for Contrastly has been added to my portfolio!

Contrastly’s founder, Jon, reached out to me in need of a new logo for their site’s redesign. The primary goal of the new logo was to make it stand out in a unique way, while the emblem should also be able to stand alone without the site’s name.

There were some interesting factors that played into the discovery process of making the logo that you’ll just have to check out in the full logo design case study!

Read The Full Logo Case Study In My Portfolio!

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How Values Can Drive Your Freelance Business to Success

Over the 5+ years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve learned there’s power to being a freelancer.

You have very little overhead, which gives you complete control of how you operate your business: how you price your projects, who you get to work with, and how you do your work.

This gives you the ability to be perceived exactly the way you want to be.

You need to position yourself as a professional, charge what you’re worth, and most importantly, stick to your values. [Read more…]

Illustrated Lettering: From Sketch to Vector

Today I want to share with you behind the scenes of how I hand letter and illustrate a concept on paper, then use the power of Illustrator to vectorize and bring the design to life. [Read more…]