2014 – End of the Year Review

2014 Review - Brent Galloway
2014 feels like it has flown by! It was full of major life events, new work experiences, and personal growth. All things I’m about to share with you in my annual End of the Year Review.

Before I dive into the major pivotal moments this year, keep in mind that I share this mostly for my own benefit, as something to reflect back on. However, I also hope you can pick from it, find inspiration, and enjoy what I have to share. [Read more…]

Delaware Systema – Logo Case Study

Delaware Systema Logo by Brent Galloway

Delaware Systema is a martial art studio in Wilmington, Delaware that teaches the Russian martial art known as “Systema”. [Read more…]

My New Rubber-stamped Business Cards

Although I hardly ever work with clients face-to-face or go out networking, there’s still the occasion where I’d like to hand someone my business card – at least one that I’m proud of. Also, when the holiday season comes around and I mail out holiday cards to my best clients, I like to include a little piece of my business. I’ve never come close to running out of a traditional 500 order of business cards, so this time around I kept the quantity low – to 50 cards – but the quality high. I redesigned my new business card to be timeless and personable. I only used essential information and put my rubber-stamp logo to use on the blank side. I had my cards printed through Moo, using their Luxe Business Cards with the red seam of color in the middle layer. They look and feel amazing! Take a look for yourself and enjoy.

View full size photos here

Brent Galloway Business Cards [Read more…]

Freelance Downtime, My Client Process, Bidding Sites & More – Q&A #3

In this Q&A video I answer your questions on what I do with my downtime to stay busy, my work process on a typical client project, avoiding freelance bidding sites, and more.

Poseidon Media – Logo Case Study

Poseidon Media Case Study
Poseidon Media is an entertainment company which currently creates comic books. Their specialty is storytelling within the fantasy genre, and they have great aspirations for the future. [Read more…]

Collabs, Freelance Websites & Cold-Calling – Q&A #2

In this Q&A video I answer your questions on collaborating, having a freelance website, and my thoughts on cold-calling/marketing.